“CatWalk” necklace spotted on de Telegraaf! :)

“CatWalk” necklace spotted on the dutch news paper “de telegraaf”. Worn by dutch TV personality Marijke Helwegen:). You can also follow Marijke Helwegen on Twitter @MissFacelift, Facebook and Youtube (Marijke’s brandend vragenvuur)

Dutch TV personality Marijke Helwegen is wearing my “CatWalk” necklace

Cats are incredible special and loving human companions says allround dutch TV personality Marijke Helwegen. She is a fellow cat-lover who has two adorable cats and recently also a “CatWalk” jewelry set inspired by my cute cat Haruki. This week she wore it during my visit at her home and that was super nice to see:)!

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1kMbyic