Whilst studying fashion design at the University of the Arts in Utrecht Jacqueline Chew was always seeking other possibilities to express her love for design.

After graduating she got a great opportunity to work for the internationally acclaimed Dutch lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers and had the chance to explore her creativity as a fashion designer for 6 years. During this time she learned how to find the right balance between design and practicality as part of her process to create something new for the contemporary woman.

But It really started to flourish when she started her own label  J A C Q I   C H E W  in 2014 with her first jewelry collection ‘The Catwalk”. An elegant and sophisticated collection that celebrated the feline cat form in a whole new way and is worn by different celebrities.

With her distinctive taste and her wealth of experience Jacqueline loves to create innovative designs you have never seen before combined with a sophisticated look.

It is her deep passion for unusual shapes, experimenting with different materials and a keen eye for detail and proportion that allows her to find the right components to produce unique and wearable timeless designs.

Born in The Netherlands with Singaporean roots Jacqueline is currently living in downtown Toronto, Canada. A vibrant and inspiring city where every piece of her collection is carefully constructed by hand, from initial concept to final product and is produced in a limited edition.